Travel Insurance Buy Online for Canadians and Visitors to Canada

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Many busy families have hectic schedules in their day to day lives and rarely have time to set aside to meet with an Advisor for travel insurance.

Vancouver Travel Insurance – Buy Online

The good news is that you can purchase all your travel insurance online at any hour of the day that is convenient for your schedule.

Travel insurance is important to help protect you, your family or visitors to Canada from costs that can occur due to an unforeseen medical emergency during a trip or an unexpected reason to cancel or interrupt a trip. Without it, travellers may be left to pay significant out of pocket expenses.

If you are a visitor to Canada, any stay in a hospital can cause financial hardship so we recommend that you purchase Visitors to Canada travel insurance prior to arriving in Canada.  You can also purchase this after you arrive but there typically will be a 48 hour waiting period before coverage takes effect.

Online Vancouver Travel Insurance

You can take advantage of our online travel insurance options here when travelling to or from Canada: 

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