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Health insurance lets you take care of your health and medical needs without financial stress. As a Vancouver health insurance broker, Venture First Advisory is committed to finding the coverage that works for you.

Whether you’re looking for disability coverage, critical illness insurance, or a health insurance policy, we can help you find the insurance coverage that gives you exactly what you need. Make an appointment with Venture First Advisory today; we’re looking forward to setting you up with your ideal insurance coverage at the right price.

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Critical Illness Insurance


A critical illness policy is designed to cover you for a lump sum benefit in the event of diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. Enhanced critical illness policies will cover an additional 20+ conditions. There is a 30 day waiting period to qualify for the benefit.

Types of Critical Illness Insurance

10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 34, 40 year terms
to age 65, 70, 75
Permanent Life Pay
Permanent 10/15/20 Pay

Disability Insurance


A disability policy is insurance on your ability to earn an income. If, due to an injury or illness, you are unable to perform your occupation, a disability policy will pay you a replacement income.

Types of Disability Insurance

Accident & Illness
Accident Only


for Critical Illness and Disability Insurance

    Health, Dental & Drug Plans


    When you are employed by a larger corporation, the corporation will typically offer you a benefits package that includes extended health, dental, and prescription drug coverage.

    If you are self-employed or a small business owner, you may purchase a health, dental & drug plan to cover yourself for similar benefits. Such a plan will reduce the exposure to large unexpected medical expenses as they arise.

    Types of Health, Dental, and Drug Plans

    Group Plans – For companies with 3 or more employees.
    Individual Plans – For individuals or families.


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