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As more people become self employed in Vancouver, many due to the pandemic of 2020, there is a growing concern for health insurance protection that was once provided by former employers.  Of particular importance is the disability insurance coverage.  Income is the foundation of everyone’s financial well-being so naturally you would look to protecting your personal income from loss due to a disability with a disability insurance policy.

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For the self employed that end up starting companies that have 2 or more employees, there is the option of being able to establish a group benefits plan with guaranteed issue disability insuranceWithout 2 or more employees, whether incorporate or not, the best and only option is to look at individual disability insurance plans.

There are a multitude of options available from many life and health insurance carriers.  The best plan for your circumstances would depend on your employment / self-employment status, the type of occupation, and how stable that income stream is.  It is much easier to apply for disability insurance when employed and very difficult to apply for when you first start transitioning to self-employment.  Most life and health insurers will look for 2 or more years of steady self-employment income in order to consider coverage.  Some insurers will forego this requirement if the transition to self-employment is a matter of changing pay structure with the former employer.


Every type of disability insurance policy can be a great choice – it simply depends on finding that one that meets your needs effectively. At Venture First Advisory, we always make sure to find the right policy from the right provider that suits exactly what you’re looking for. Book an appointment with Venture First Advisory today to speak to one of our experienced advisors and get the coverage that you need from people that you can trust.

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