Life Insurance Vancouver, Canada Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Disability Insurance Combination Packages

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Most people are aware of the importance of having proper life and health insurance in place.  It is easy enough to focus on a single coverage, such as life insurance, and only apply for that.  However, when you realize that life insurance is only a small piece of the coverage puzzle then trying to get fully covered becomes a daunting task.

Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance Combination Packages

Many people will have life insurance but neglect to cover themselves for critical illness insurance or disability insurance.  For example, if a severe illness occurs, such as cancer but one that does not result in death, the financial hardship on the family can be greater than if death has occurred.  There is now one less income earner but the number of people that needs support is the same.

The reasons for not adequately insuring completely with life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance are usually due to budget or due to an Advisor who is not familiar or comfortable with the complexity of disability insurance.  It is also not an easy process to apply for three different types of coverages, with a lot of paperwork, medicals and underwriting delay.

Canada Life Insurance

A number of life insurance carriers have come up with a solution to inadequate coverage.  These carriers have come up with affordable package plans that cover life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability.  This means that there is only one application and one medical for three products.  Also, by combining all coverages, you are also to obtain full coverage for one affordable price for the whole family.

Mortgage Life Home Insurance

Much life home insurance where one plan covers many risks, a package plan offers much broader coverage than trying to piece together individual risk coverage.  For example, it would be a daunting task to have a home owner buy individual policies for fire, flood, earthquake, etc.  Having only a life insurance policy is much like having a home insurance policy that only covers fire.


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