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Funeral Insurance

If you were to pass away, you wouldn’t want your loved ones worrying about funeral expenses during their grieving process. Funeral insurance ensures that expense associated with your funeral, such as burial costs and medical bills, are covered so that your loved ones are not put into a difficult financial situation.

Venture First Advisory has been helping those in Vancouver with their funeral insurance needs for years; as an independent insurance advisor, we are able to find you the funeral insurance that meets your specific needs and price requirements. Venture First Advisory can also help to find a permanent life insurance plan that includes funeral insurance.

Contact us today to book an appointment; we’ll find a plan that covers your funeral needs, so you can live life without worrying about your loved ones’ financial situation after you pass.

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    Funeral Insurance


    If you would like to ensure that your loved ones are not burdened with the full financial responsibility of paying for the funeral and burial expenses, you can opt to purchase a permanent life insurance policy to pay for these expenses.  A permanent life insurance policy will last for your lifetime and not expire.

    Types of Funeral Insurance

    • Standard – Medically underwritten with a nurse medical.
    • Non-Medical – Some medical questions on the application form but no nurse or doctor requirement.
    • No Questions Asked – No medical questions asked at all.