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Sometimes when looking at life insurance for the first time, people may prefer to have easy in-person access to a life insurance advisor that has many options under one roof.  At Venture First Advisory, we have more than 23 contracted life insurers to offer our clients so that the pricing and options are always competitive.

North Vancouver Life Insurance Company

For those residents that live in North Vancouver, you can visit our office in downtown Vancouver by taking the seabus and skytrain to Vancouver City Centre station.  From there it is a short walk to the Electra building at Burrard and Nelson.

Of course, since the pandemic of 2020, the life insurance business has undergone a major shift in the way that advisors do business.  While some clients may still prefer to meet in person at least once for building stronger relationships, most life insurance business nowadays is done via video call, phone, and email.

This means that clients can now apply for or make changes to their life and health insurance plans in the comfort of their own home or even walking down the street on a grocery trip.

Having said that though, there is a benefit to having a physical advisor office in downtown with easy access from North Vancouver.  Some of the more technology-adverse clients may prefer to physically sign documents or drop off documents in person.


If you do live in North Vancouver and is looking for life insurance advicespeak to one of our Advisors to find the right coverage for you.



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