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If you’re looking for the best life insurance in Canada, you probably have a vague idea that you need life insurance but have no idea where to start.  Here is a quick start checklist that you can use:

Best Life Insurance in Canada – Checklist for Canadians

  1. First determine the right type of life insurance that best suits your needs. More detail on the different types of life insurance in Canada can be found in our “Comparing Types of Life Insurance” blog:


Comparing Types of Life Insurance

  1. Next determine if you need to complement your life insurance with living benefits such as critical illness insurance or disability insurance. More detail on the different types of policies can be found on our “Different Types of Insurance Policies” blog.


  1. Once you have an idea of the types of life and health insurance that you need then you will want to start deciding on the right life insurance company for you. The Assuris member companies can be a good place to start.  Read more here:

Life Insurance Companies in Canada


Life insurance company highlights from an experience Advisor will also be helpful and can be found here:


  1. Take Action and Get covered


There are some limited forms of insurance plan that can be purchased online without a licensed Advisor, some of which can be obtained on our website here:

However, when choosing an online solution, there isn’t always a cost savings and there is more of a chance of making a mistake when life insurance is not your area of expertise.

The best option always is to seek advice from a licensed Advisor.  Contact one of our Trusted Advisors to help you with your family’s coverage:

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