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When a person is sick with an illness, with current medical technology, there is a good chance that they will survive.  However, recovering from the illness may come at a steep financial cost for both the patient and the patient’s closest family members due to time off work, extra medication, transportation expenses, accommodations etc.

Why Critical Illness Insurance in Vancouver Can Protect You and Your Family

Critical Illness insurance in Vancouver provides you with a financial safety net in the unfortunate event of a severe illness.  This type of insurance also can be had with Return of Premium options which can refund 100% of your investment should you decide that you no longer need the policy at any later point.

Basic and Enhanced Versions of Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

There are Basic and Enhanced versions of Critical Illness insurance coverage.  Typical covered conditions for Basic Critical Illness are: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, and Coronary Bypass.  Typical covered conditions for Enhaced Critical Illness are: Aortic Surgery, Aplastic Anemia, Bacterial Meningitis, Benign Brain Tumour, Blindness, Life-Threatening Cancer, Coma, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Deafness, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Heart Attack, Heart Valve Replacement or Repair, Kidney Failure, Loss of Independent Existence, Loss of Limbs, Loss of Speech, Major Organ Failure on Waiting List, Major Organ Transplant, Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Occupational HIV Infection, Paralysis, Parkinson’s Disease, Severe Burns, Stroke

Vancouver Critical Illness Company

Investing in critical illness insurance is a smart choice in order to protect yourself and your family should you fall critically ill. However, finding a policy with a price that works for you with coverage that you understand can be difficult. Book an appointment with Venture First Advisory today. We can help you find an insurance policy that meets your needs and helps give you and your family peace of mind.

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