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When people search for whole life insurance quotes, they are usually looking for a type of policy that includes cash value and does not expire life term life insurance.

Whole life insurance comes in two broad categories.  There is the level type of whole life where the death benefit remains level and the cash values are generally guaranteed and determined in advance.  There is also a type of whole life insurance with growing values or participating whole life insurance.  The latter will have a growing death benefit and cash value balance based on performance of the underlying investment fund.

When looking for whole life insurance quotes, the level type is easy to quote and compare in a list format as the products from each carrier are very similar.  The product can be selected based on pricing and familiarity with the insurance company.  When quoting for participating whole life insurance, the variability of the death benefit and cash value make it difficult to compare by pricing alone.  You will likely need to compare numbers in a grid or chart format to make sense of all the data.

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