Life Insurance Quotes and Term Life Insurance Quotes – A Guide to the Numbers

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Many people that start their search for life insurance will begin by searching for life insurance quotes or term life insurance quotes onlineThere are a number of factors that will influence the prices that you get back from any quoting system or agent:

Life Insurance Type

This is the most important determining factor.  You should determine the appropriate type of life insurance that you need, whether that is term life insurance, whole life insurance, term 100, or universal life.  Read more about life insurance types here:

Health Category

An insurer may offer you a preferred rate if, after a medical exam, the underwriter believes that you are in exceptional health, have no family health history, and have a low-risk lifestyle.

Smoking Status

If you have smoked in the last 12 months then most insurers will consider you to be a Smoker, even if you have recently quit.

Life Insurance Company

Each life insurer will have a different price for the life insurance category that you are looking for.  There are many reasons for this, including life insurers trying to balance their risk portfolio based on the business they currently have.

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