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We have many clients that live in North Vancouver that have found some unique challenges when looking for life insurance.  Life Insurance in North Vancouver is sometimes more difficult to obtain because the residents are more likely to participate in outdoor sports that some insurers would consider to be riskier.

Life Insurance for High Risk Mountain Sports for North Vancouver Residents

For example, the proximity of North Vancouver to the ski mountains means that a higher proportion of the population go skiing or snow boarding during the winter season.  While skiing and snow boarding on the usual marked runs are generally not an issue when applying for life insurance, it is the out of bounds skiing, heli-skiing and skiing activities outside the normal groomed trails that pose a challenge for life insurers.

Life Insurance for North Vancouver skiers and snow boarders are handled by choosing a carrier that can offer coverage without questions for hazardous sports.  You can also obtain coverage the standard method by either paying an extra premium to be covered or by signing an exclusion that excludes coverage for the specific activity.

Another typical sport that is challenging when looking for life insurance in North Vancouver is mountain biking.  Again, with the proximity to the mountain biking trails, many North Vancouver residents enjoy this outdoor sporting activity.  Obtaining life insurance for North Vancouver mountain bikers is similar to the process for skiing.  Mountain biking on marked trails is generally not an issue for the insurers but it is the out of bounds mountain bikers that will find obtaining life insurance is more challenging.  The solution, similar to skiing, is to either choose a carrier that does not ask questions about hazardous sports or to choose a standard carrier that will charge an extra fee or exclude the activity.

Life Insurance in North Vancouver

If you do live in North Vancouver and are active in the popular sports such as skiing or mountain biking, speak to one of our Advisors to find the right coverage for you.

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