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Canada Protection Plan Advisor – No Medical Life Insurance

Canada Protection Plan is a leading Canadian no-medical life insurance provider.  While traditional life insurance providers will usually require a nurse medical or doctors report, the Canada Protection Plan application is strictly a yes or no questionnaire.  The process is much simpler and quicker than traditional insurers.

The Pros of Canada Protection Plan Life Insurance

  1. The Canada Protection Plan (CPP) life insurance application process is quick and simple.  The application is taking over the phone by our Advisors and the completed form is sent to you for digital signatures.  There is no manual underwriting process and therefore the process generally takes 1-2 weeks vs a traditional carrier’s 4-6 weeks.
  2. The CPP plan is also favorable to those who have some health concerns, such as type 2 diabetes or those who participate in hazardous sports, such as backcountry skiing.
  3. Some clients also enjoy the fact there are never any needles required.

The Cons of Canada Protection Plan life insurance

  1. If you are completely free of health conditions, then the CPP plan will usually cost a bit more than a traditional plan.
  2. Because there is never any medical exam, you do not have the benefit of having free medical assessment results sent to your doctor.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The Canada Protection Plan policies may not be suited to everyone.  Consult a Venture First Advisory Advisor for recommendations on the right Insurer and Product for your specific situation.

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