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Applying for life insurance in Vancouver is a fairly smooth process.  Unlike some less populated areas, Vancouver has an abundance of Health Professionals that can readily visit your home at any convenient hour of the day or week.  Weekends and evenings are popular slots for completing insurance medicals due to unavailability of the insured person during office hours.

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Some life insurance providers don’t require anything beyond a medical questionnaire and some don’t even ask any medical questions at all.  These are known as Simplified-Issue or Guaranteed-Issue life insurance providers.  While these products fill their niches quite well with those who are harder to insure, the individuals with no health conditions will find that pricing for the fully-underwritten, with medical appointment, type of life insurance has much lower in premiums.

Below are some of the logistical items that you may need for the application process of your fully-medically-underwritten life insurance in Vancouver or Canada.   

Health Professional In-Home Appointment

Depending on the amount of coverage and the age of the applicant, the insurer may require the insured person to complete a medical exam with a Health Professional.  Commonly Dynacare or Exam One are the paramedical providers that are contracted to complete this test.  The test usually consists of a detailed health questionnaire, the collection of a blood sample, the collection of a urine sample, and an electrocardiogram for those above a certain age.

Telephone Interview

Sometimes an insurance carrier will request that a Telephone Interview be completed to collect additional information, that may be used alone or in conjunction with an in-home medical appointment.  The telephone interview is usually conducted by a third party paramedical company, such as Dynacare, or be completed by an Underwriter of the insurance company.

Attending Physician Statements

When the questionnaires on the life insurance application, telephone interview, or in-home medical uncover a more extensive health history that can only be provided by a doctor, then the insurance company will request an Attending Physician’s Statement or an APS.  No involvement by the insured person is needed as the insurance company contacts and pays the Doctor directly.  This requirement will typically delay the application process, depending on the response time of the Doctor.


To provide more Vancouver life insurance services, feel free to contact our insurance advisors at Venture First Advisory. We are located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver in the iconic Electra Building, formerly the BC Electric headquarters.  The Electra building can be recognized by the unique blue and green fin lights that run the vertical height of the building.  While we now do most of our business, including life insurance, by phone and/or video conference, our location is within easy access for those who work or live downtown.

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