Vancouver Life Insurance Application Procedures during Covid-19

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Vancouver Life Insurance Application Procedures during Covid-19

If you’ve had any experience with life insurance in the past, you will know that it was a very manual process.  An Vancouver Life Insurance Advisor will physically meet with you in your home or their office on at least two occasions.  Papers will need to be signed by hand and kept on your bookshelf for records.

These procedures have proven to be problematic since the beginning of the pandemic.  Specifically, the need to have someone outside the family come to your home or the need to visit another office, sometimes by transit, has been a concern for many people.

The life insurance industry has undergone a major evolution since the beginning of the pandemic.  Covid-19 has made many people re-assess their family’s insurance plans but, at the same time, has made many people hesitant to go through the many formerly manual procedures to increase their life and health insurance.

How Life Insurance Application Procedures Changed

Life insurers and Agencies have responded to consumer demands by streamlining their application procedures to be easier and more contact-free.  For example, at Venture First Advisory, we have made the application process contactless with the option of completing the application on the Phone or by Zoom Video Conference.  Signatures are done electronically, in the comfort of your home, and do not require that you own a printer.  There are also many life insurance options that do not require a medical exam by a registered nurse.  However, if you do opt for a nurse medical, rest assured that the nurse will have complete PPE and follow thorough covid-19 procedures.

Buying Life Insurance Policy Across Canada

An added benefit to the evolution of the industry is that the more remote parts of the Country can now be served with as many product options and knowledgeable Advisors as the big cities because Advisors are no longer bound by the commuting distance to your location.

Contact us at Venture First Advisory and we’ll help you get life insurance that best suits you and your family’s needs. We’re the experts in helping you get the best insurance policy for with your best interests in mind.


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